Rain Cosmetics England
Logo / Branding / Merchandise
2020 – PRESENT

Branding for Rain Cosmetics England including logo, packaging design, social media posts, business cards, merchandise such as t-shirts & tote bags, and website.

Who are Rain Cosmetics?

What started as a home project is now Rain Cosmetics England. Whilst chatting with friends and family with a whole spectrum of skin types, Rain Cosmetics England found that simply because your skin may be more sensitive to it’s environment does not mean you are any less wanting of a luxury product. Taking matters into their own hands, they set out to create a completely natural, hydrating and soothing skin care range that is also a treat to use.

The Mission

Keep it clean, keep it fresh, keep it simple.


Mobile Website


Finding a new brand identity.

As Rain Cosmetics England use only natural ingredients, it was important that we created a brand that reflected this. Many names and ideas were created in the first meetings until the name ‘Rain’ was created – Rain being natural, beautiful and vital for life.

Web Design

Creating a new web experience.

The concept from the start was clean, simple and minimal.

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