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How much do you charge?

Pricing varies from one job to another. Often, the most important factor is time. Please contact using the enquiry button below to discuss pricing.

Do you only offer a service package?

Service is included with all packages. 

How long does it take to build a website?

Length of time can vary on a number of factors such as availability and can be generalised dependent on the number of pages or how much information the site has. If you would like to arrange to meet to discuss pricing, or if you would prefer to chat via email, please contact me on the enquiry button below.

What is the client’s involvement in the design process.

Although not entirely neccessary, we always encourage clients to bring in any ideas, samples or colour combinations to help assisting to find the style you would like your final design in.

Do you collaborate?

Yes, I am open to collaborations! I have worked with numerous designers in the past, and also work with other experienced designers for larger projects.

Can you rebrand my business?

Yes! We have worked with a large range of clients from councils, colleges, cosmetic companies to property consultants, musicians & club events and independent record shops – all in all a wide range of clients each with their own specific needs and requirements.

How long do you offer your support?

We offer support for life.

I needed a design yesterday. Can you help?

We can often accomodate urgent work. This is dependent on our current work schedule and the size of the job.

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